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Always Team Up - Never Give Up

Always Team Up - Never Give Up

Achieving any goal of great value requires commitment and tenacity. A Black Belt is a big and powerful goal that impacts people’s lives in such a positive and lasting way. Champions of all ages benefit tremendously from the achievement of such a worthy goal.

High level achievers and Black Belt Champions know that it takes a great team to achieve a great dream. Each person is stronger when they have the power of a great support team.

When a student qualifies and commits to our Black Belt Champions (BBC) Training Program, we are very aware that there will be setbacks and obstacles to overcome in the journey.

With over 30 years of experience in building a powerful team of highly skilled and dedicated Black Belt Champions, we have plenty of real life experience in teaming up and never giving up.

When a parent teams up with their child’s Sensei to help their child, everyone wins. If they all decided to give up on the child, everyone loses and nobody wins.

When a Sensei teams up with a student to overcome some of life’s challenges, everyone grows stronger and everyone wins. If either of them throws in the towel and gives up, both of their spirits and hopes become weaker and everyone loses.

There are no problems we cannot solve together, and

very few we can solve by ourselves.”  -- President LB Johnson

Every time you solve and problem or overcome an obstacle, you become stronger and better at dealing with problems and challenges. There is tremendous long term benefit for all involved when we decide to always team up and never give up.

There is also great potential for permanent damage if we develop the habit of giving up in the face of adversity. Developing a non-quitting spirit is always easier when you team up with others that are as committed to success as you are.

Whenever we team up, everyone wins, learns and grows.

The positive habits and attitudes practiced and developed in the dojo, always show up in other areas of life. Let’s all commit to developing winning habits that allow us to excel in and out of the dojo.

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