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Anger Is Your Enemy

 Have you ever lost control of your emotions and done something, or said something you regret?

If you said “Yes” you are both honest and human.Chances are good that you acted in a way that you wouldn't have if you hadn't lost control of your emotions.       

Anger tends to bring out a very negative and ugly side of people. Most of us understand that positive emotions and attitudes are far more productive than negative ones.

Anger is your enemy…it can cause serious damage. You must avoid allowing this dangerous negative emotion to take control. Avoidance, prevention and preparation are always the best defense against any dangerous enemy.

You can eliminate almost any negative emotion from your life, if you laugh more, keep a good sense of humor and focus on positive emotions.

Smile more, stay healthy and be physically active everyday. Focus on happy thoughts, listen to great music, think about all the things that make you feel good and bring joy to your life. Hit a heavy bag, do some pad training or go for run to clear your head and rid yourself of any stress and tension.

Do as many positive things as possible that brings out your best mental state. It’s rare that you will be angry when you are feeling great and your mind is filled with happy thoughts.

Learn to identify your emotional patterns. The ultimate level of emotional mastery is when you choose in advance the emotions that best serve you…no matter what obstacles you encounter.

ANGER is your ENEMY! It’s an enemy that can be defeated, provided you stay strong and condition yourself daily to score a victory over this dangerous opponent. 

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