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For over twenty years, America’s Best Martial Arts has been training and developing Champions in life. Our belief is, the Martial Arts develops better habits for life.

This week’s message focuses on five simple habits that can help any student achieve greatness in their Martial Arts training…

=>Attendance/Commitment: Consistent class attendance and the commitment to practice and improve your skills and abilities.

Develop the habit of 2-3 classes per week and you’ll see steady progress and growth in your journey to Black Belt Excellence.

=>Spirit & Energy: When you develop the habit of expressing your eagerness and giving your best energy and effort, you’ll soon develop your Black Belt Spirit. A non-quitting spirit that will carry over to every other area of your life.

=>Basics & Knowledge: Strong basics and fundamental skills are vital to developing confidence in your skills and abilities as a Black Belt Champion. When you develop the habit of detail in your Martial Arts, you’ll pay closer attention to details in every

other area of life.

=>Fitness – Fitness – Fitness: Healthy and fit people have healthy and fit habits. A balanced fitness program should encompass three keys. Flexibility, strength and endurance.

By developing the habit of maintaining a high level of health and fitness, you’ll have more energy for everything you do.

=>Martial Arts Manners/Dojo Protocol: Polite greetings, positive responses and courteous behavior, are habits everyone enjoys and benefits. The world would be a much better place if everyone practiced and expressed respect for each other, the way we do in the dojo.

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