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Think Short Term Act Long Term

Think Short Term Act Long Term

Think Long-Term =>

Act Short-Term


   One of our main philosophies in the Academy is that the GOALS WE SET ARE GOALS WE GET! We all need a long-term goal to work towards that is exciting and motivating. Black Belt is that goal for many people.


   In order for us to achieve big goals, we need to have short range goals that we are working on every day. Big goals happen when we work hard and take action every day.


   By consistently taking action every day you are building momentum and making the small, measurable progress you need to achieve BIG in the long run. Plus, you are developing the daily discipline needed for success.


   Daily practice at home, regular class attendance, and proper nutrition are the daily and weekly actions necessary to become an America’s Best Black Belt Champion!


   Daily reading, study, and planning will get you quickly on the path to achieving your goals outside of the Academy.


   Most people suffer from "Paralysis of Analysis" and procrastinate doing what they should. Don't be like most people...Work hard and take action every day towards your goals and watch the amazing things that will be attracted to you!


Daily Action => Daily Results!

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