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Arvada Self Defense Classes

Beginner Self Defense Classes Enrolling In September

The America's Best Self Defense System is Simply the Best!

Our 60 minute classes get you into fighting shape, but you don't have have to be a fighter to train like one. America's Best programs use cardio, resistance training, heavy bag work, and sports conditioning techniques to burn fat and tone muscle. Our Self-Defense classes are like Boot Camps where you learn to really defend yourself. 

Feel Strong. Feel Safe. Feel Good.

All the moves taught at America's Best are simple to perform and remember while working in a powerful and synergistic way with your body's natural instincts. Our program is easy to master, regardless of age, physical ability, or experience. 

Enroll Today and Get Protected!

Benefits of Arvada self defense

  • Get in great physical & mental shape
  • Get empowered & confident
  • Be physically & mentally prepared to handle confrontation

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