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  • Wheat Ridge Martial Arts

    Great, knowledgeable instructors and family oriented. Very welcoming community. Can be a bit expensive if you're on a budget.

    Julie D.
  • Wheat Ridge Martial Arts

    ABMA is a great family oriented martial arts studio. We have been going here for many years. Our son achieved a high brown belt before high school sports started. I would recommend Mark and ABMA to anyone

    Kevin S.
  • Wheat Ridge Martial Arts

    The teaching group at this organization is the best around! Very personable, helpful, and professional when dealing with students all ages. I spar with the instructors once a week practicing the techniques taught during the week. The sparing is light but reinforces the tactics taught while developing a patern of combinations that become more natural over time. I would highly recommend each of the instructors. They are campion fighters themselves in national competitions.

    Mike B.
  • Wheat Ridge Martial Arts

    This place kicks my butt and I love it! I am in much better shape then when I started, and no matter how hard the workout as the door says, I'm so glad I came!

    Aryel S.
  • Wheat Ridge Martial Arts

    My 6 and 8 year olds attended this class for a few months before we moved to Brighton and they absolutely loved it!! It is definitely the best martial arts class for kids! I loved the Instructor, he is one of a kind!!

    Lexi L.

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